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Forgotten Flyer - by Brian Hernan

  A captivating biography on one of the few Western Australian pioneer aviators. This new book details the life of Airlines (WA) Ltd. founder, Captain Charles William Snook, as well recording a fascinating time for aviation worldwide, covering the birth of flight, two World Wars and the development of Australia's aviation industry.
Price $24.95

The Price of Pearls - by Hugh Edwards

  The Price of Pearls is a debut fictional novel by a much-loved West Australian author, Hugh Edwards. It is a fictional story based around wonderfully accurate West Australian history. Follow the romance between an American sailor Tom and the feisty redhead Mary, as they struggle to remain together faced with injustice, the dangers of life at sea and the cut throat world of the lucrative new pearling industry.
Price $24.95

Buccaneer's Bell - by Hugh Edwards

  The Buccaneer’s Bell is a book about three voyages, in three very different centuries. The first two focus on the compass guiding the course, the sun and stars telling the position and wooden sailing ships pressing to the far corners of the world…. The third journey, in our own time, left nature’s world far below’
Price $25.00

Crossing the Kalgan - by Tom Saggers

  The Albany area has been a place of great significance for many years and to many people. Historically it was one of the earliest settlement areas of Western Australia. Today Albany remains a thriving residential town and popular tourist destination In Crossing the Kalgan, Tom uses local sources and documentation to record all known history of the Lower Kalgan bridges and jetty, and his publication commemorates the return of the repaired and preserved original Lower Kalgan bridge trusses to the Lower Kalgan Reserve.
Price $8.95

Port of Pearls - by Hugh Edwards

  Broome in Western Australia has an incredible history, one which has braved the force of war and dangers of a declining agricultural heritage. Now once again reaping the wealth of the pearl industry, Broome has proved a formidable force on the map of Western Australia. Hugh Edwards' historical and contemporary insights into Broome make a fitting tribute to this resilient Australian town.
Price $24.95

Kimberley - Dreaming to Diamonds - by Hugh Edwards

  In a chapter-by-chapter depiction, Hugh Edwards explores the reason why Kimberley is renowned for its colourful history; a record of gold rushes, hauls of pearl shell, great cattle drives and battles between Aborigines and settlers. Hugh Edwards depicts a wonderful tourist destination for those who want to delve deeper into an area of Australia which is believed to date back 350 million years.
Price $37.50

Call of the Kyeema- by Doug Whitfield

  This account of a prolific 35-year career in aviation, covers the life of Darwin pilot Doug Whitfield and the personalities he has met along the way. In Call of the Kyeema Doug details the history of the Department of Civil Aviation and records a part of Australian aviation heritage which would otherwise be lost. A genuine good read, entertaining and funny.
Price $20.00

Fish Traps & Floods Apples & Spuds - By Richard Piggott
  Richard Piggott first wrote Fish Traps and Floods, Apples and Spuds in 1992. Over 10 years later the book is in its second edition, refined and with more photos. The book is based around Albany and in particular, a description of Lower Kalgan’s past right up to the present day. Richard immortalises the roots of this area through collections of stories, diaries, personal accounts and records.
Price $27.00

Life’s a Hoot - By James Harwood, with John J. Coe
  The autobiography of James Harwood, in association with noted historian and biographer, Dr John Coe. James Harwood’s life is characterised by wheeling and dealing, buying and selling and the constant quest for opportunity. Discover James’ exciting path through the motoring world of Australia and beyond.
Paperback - Price $20.00
Hardback - Price $88.00

Torquing of Marques - By A. John Parker
  An informative, thorough and detailed listing of 550 brands of passenger cars residing in Perth, Western Australia from 1896 - 2004. A. John Parker has owned, photographed, restored, researched and written about old cars for most of his life. Come inside and wander through the world of motor cars as we have known them in Perth, WA. A must for all motor buffs.
Price $20.00

Ships’ Figure Heads in Australia - By Gordon de L. Marshall
  Perhaps the first book written on ships’ figure heads in Australia, Gordon Marshall has pioneered the literary preservation of these romantic relics from maritime past. This detailed and full-colour production of Ships’ Figure Heads in Australia is a complete account of all known Australian figure heads, including those in private hands, and details much information on the making of those on Australian soil.
Price $25.00

Maritime Albany Remembered - By Gordon de L. Marshall
  Written by marine archaeologist Gordon de L. Marshall, Maritime Albany Remembered is extensively illustrated with many previously unpublished photos from private collections It details maritime history of Albany from the 1820s to 1940s, with biographical sketches of Albany Mariners. Captivating and fundamental for literary and maritime history.
Paperback - Price $46.50
Hardback - Price $148.00

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