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The Buccaneer's Bell

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$25.00 rrp
Hugh Edwards
240 pages
PB, Dimensions 265 x 195mm
Tangee Publishing
March 2006
Maritime History


The Buccaneer’s Bell is a book about three voyages, in three very different centuries. The first two focus on the compass guiding the course, the sun and stars telling the position and wooden sailing ships pressing to the far corners of the world…. The third journey, in our own time, left nature’s world far below’ - Author.

Hugh Edwards’ latest offering to the literary world, is a rediscovery of two major explorers of the modern world. In 1699, William Dampier set sail through the English Channel aboard the Roebuck, a rotten and ruinous fire ship which was never to meet its destination of Australia.
Similarly in France, 1817, Louis de Freycinet was aboard his own scientific vessel Uranie, bound on a voyage around the world. Despite being shipwrecked on rocks off the Falkland Islands,
Freycinet’s time was spent shared with that of his new young wife Rose, who was disguised as a man and smuggled on board before the ship set sail from France.
The third and final voyage in the book began at Perth International airport in 2001, where seven men mulled over their intention of searching for the shipwrecks of Dampier and Freycinet in their South Atlantic graves. What they were to discover in their final days of the mission was
beyond even their wildest imagination…. A tale of hope, success and immeasurable adventure.


Hugh Edwards is an award-winning author of 30 books and a marine photographer, as well as a journalist, diver and film-maker. His passion for maritime interests has led him to participate in the discovery of many famous shipwrecks and relics. His book Islands of Angry Ghosts written about his expedition to the 1629 Batavia won the Sir Thomas White Memorial Prize for the best book written by an Australian.

The Author

Hugh Edwards

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