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Here are the titles by Hugh Edwards we currently have in stock, Hugh has just released two more booksfor more information see below!

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The Price of Pearls - by Hugh Edwards

  The Price of Pearls is a debut fictional novel by a much-loved West Australian author, Hugh Edwards. It is a fictional story based around wonderfully accurate West Australian history. Follow the romance between an American sailor Tom and the feisty redhead Mary, as they struggle to remain together faced with injustice, the dangers of life at sea and the cut throat world of the lucrative new pearling industry.
Price $24.95

Buccaneer's Bell - by Hugh Edwards

  The Buccaneer’s Bell is a book about three voyages, in three very different centuries. The first two focus on the compass guiding the course, the sun and stars telling the position and wooden sailing ships pressing to the far corners of the world…. The third journey, in our own time, left nature’s world far below’
Price $25.00

Port of Pearls - by Hugh Edwards

  Broome in Western Australia has an incredible history, one which has braved the force of war and dangers of a declining agricultural heritage. Now once again reaping the wealth of the pearl industry, Broome has proved a formidable force on the map of Western Australia. Hugh Edwards' historical and contemporary insights into Broome make a fitting tribute to this resilient Australian town.
Price $24.95

Kimberley - Dreaming to Diamonds - by Hugh Edwards

  In a chapter-by-chapter depiction, Hugh Edwards explores the reason why Kimberley is renowned for its colourful history; a record of gold rushes, hauls of pearl shell, great cattle drives and battles between Aborigines and settlers. Hugh Edwards depicts a wonderful tourist destination for those who want to delve deeper into an area of Australia which is believed to date back 350 million years.
Price $37.50

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