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Tangee Publishing started a few years ago, in 2001.  A thesis on Maritime Albany was lying unpublished in a library, and being sold in its original photocopied and ring-bound format.

With a shared interest in the book’s content, and a joint conviction that the book should be published professionally, Tangee Publishing was born. Four years later and five further titles have been successfully published. The most recent two being released almost simultaneously. 

The books printed are mainly specialist interest. Two are about motoring nostalgia, two cover maritime history, and our two new books cover local Albany history and aviation respectively.

Who we are
The company is owned and run by Albany figure Tom Saggers. Now residing in Perth, Tom has owned and run many of his own companies, worked his own farm and built a career as a town planner. 

He now owns and manages Tangee Publishing as well as Tangee Tyres, (agents for Antique Tyres) www.antiquetyreswa.com

English university graduate Ruth Bertenshaw joined the company in January 2005. 

Please feel free to contact us about:

  • Any comments, queries or questions.
  • More information about our book list.
  • If you want to show us a manuscript, we will be happy to assess its potential as a new title.
  • If you would like to stock our books in your shop, please enquire about wholesale prices.
  • For personal orders, large or small.

Write to us at :

P.O Box 1054
Kalamunda, Perth,
Western Australia,

Call us on : (08) 9293 1915

Fax us on : (08) 9293 1906

Or Email us: tangee@iinet.net.au


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