Life's A Hoot

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James Harwood
231 pages
220 x 153 mm
Tangee Publishing
July 2004
Autobiography/Motoring Nostalgia

Discover how James Harwood pioneered the importation of quality cars from the Middle East and India, how he was involved in a hunt for a World War fighter aircraft in northern Australasia, and how his experience has enabled him to initiate a number of significant motor sports events; the York Flying Fifty, the
Fremantle Speed Classic and the Veteran’s Car Club’s Perth to York Rally.

What shines through Harwood’s narrative is not the self-satisfied
entrepreneur doing a deal, but someone with a genuine love of cars and the motoring milieu

Much has been written about cars from a sporting or an engineering perspective. Harwood’s account is demonstrably different in that it provides, perhaps for the first time, a dealer’s point of view. A dealer who loves to drive his cars and who, one suspects, disposed of his cars with reluctance. 

Life’s a Hoot is written in association with noted historian and biographer Dr John Co.



An elder statesman of Western Australian motor sports and co-founder of the award winning York Motor Museum, James Harwood is a lover of life, a connoisseur of fine cars and a renowned jazz harmonica player.  After service in the Royal Australian Navy in World War Two, he became a prominent motor trader and “purveyor of fine sporting cars”. In 1958, Harwood won the six-hour Le Mans at Caversham, the preceding year he had set a lap record Harwood’s life is characterised by wheeling and dealing, buying and selling and the constant quest for opportunity.

The Author

James Harwood

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