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Kimberley Dreaming to Diamonds

Publication date
$37.50 rrp
Hugh Edwards
252 pages
PB, Dimensions 265mm x 195mm
Tangee Publishing
Reprinted August 2005
Australian history

IIn a chapter-by-chapter depiction, Hugh Edwards explores the reason why Kimberley is renowned for its colourful history; a record of gold rushes, hauls of pearl shell, great cattle drives and battles between Aborigines and settlers. It is now known for its store of natural riches and exotic geography, ranging from the tropic fiords of northern crocodile coasts to the blue mountains of the interior. For such a huge area it is sparsely populated, and Hugh Edwards depicts a wonderful tourist destination for those who want to delve deeper into an area of Australia which is believed to date back 350 million years.

‘Visitors of the future will come to seek what they cannot
find elsewhere in an overcrowded world. They will look for space and unspoiled nature, Kimberley has limitless horizons and magnificent wilderness.’ - Author.


Hugh Edwards is an award-winning author of 30 books and a marine photographer, as well as a journalist, diver and film-maker. His passion for maritime interests has led him to participate in the discovery of many famous shipwrecks and relics. His book Islands of Angry Ghosts written about his expedition to the 1629 Batavia won the Sir Thomas White Memorial Prize for the best book written by an Australian.

The Author

Hugh Edwards

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