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Forgotten Flyer

Publication date
978 0 9757936 2 6
$24.95 rrp
Brian Hernan
336 pages
PB, Dimensions 210 x 150
Tangee Publishing
Aviation /History

Captain Snook was an enigmatic character who was born in North Fremantle in 1891. He learnt to fly in England, gaining his pilot's licence in record time and joined the Royal Flying Corps, eventually being posted to serve the Front in World War One and dramatically being shot down mid-air in a dog fight. His lucky escape from a German Prisoner of War Camp meant that he was fortunate to return home and despite the financial hardships after World War One and throughout World War Two, he held many executive positions in a number of flying enterprises, before eventually founding Airlines (WA) Ltd. with Captain Charles Nesbit. They flew out of Maylands Aerodrome after Sir Norman Brearley and in competition with Horrie Miller.

Today there is a road named in his honour (Snook Road) at Perth International Airport, yet there is little to no recorded information about the man, who was a popular figure in the newspapers of the 1930s and 1950s for his background in and knowledge of the domestic and business aviation industry. Airlines (WA) Ltd. was regarded as one of the most important airlines in Western Australia, which served the north of the State and the Eastern Goldfields for over twenty years.

Forgotten Flyer completes a missing piece of information about Western Australia's aviation history and also details a fascinating era in domestic and commercial aviation across Australia, the birth of flight, both world wars and much more. Forgotten Flyer gives a personal insight into the life of an Australian pioneer aviatior during the 1900s.



Brian Hernan is an avid aviator, historian and distant relative of Charles William Snook. Since 1964 he has been heavily involved in the Royal Aero Club of WA as well as the Western Australian Light Aircraft Championships and he is currently co-organiser of the Old Fliers Group. To date, Forgotten Flyer is his first book and has been twelve years in the making.
The Author

Brian Hernan

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